A Collection of Helpful (B2B/SaaS) Marketing Resources

Will Crowley
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Below is a (non-exhaustive, unscientific, in no particular order) roundup of publicly available tools, resources, and articles I’ve utilized throughout my marketing career. An impactful marketer should be able to balance:

  • The application of marketing tactics and best practices
  • A deep understanding of their brand, product, market, and customer
  • The operational and managerial skills to build, implement, measure, and scale a strategy

Hopefully, the below collection helps more marketers achieve the first (and admittedly most straightforward) item above.

*Given my experience, the list skews heavily towards SaaS, B2B marketing
**Where possible, I tried to give credit to the author and the site on which the piece was hosted

Marketing Books

Blogs/Newsletters/Marketers to Follow

  • B2B Bites — “Modern-day B2B marketing advice for Solution Providers”
  • MKT1 — “Helping early & growth SaaS startups build marketing functions”
  • Exit Five — “The #1 Community for B2B Marketers”
  • First Round Review — Tech VC firm with high-quality, long-form thought leadership
  • TL,DR Marketing — A daily dose of marketing news and resources
  • Contentment — Weekly newsletter by Tracey Wallace, Director of Content Strategy at Klaviyo, about how to produce scalable content
  • OpenView — Tech VC firm with a newsletter on product-led growth & Saas metrics
  • Animalz — Content marketing agency
  • Superpath — Content marketing community
  • Jonathan Martinez — ”I’m a growth marketer who has worked on the growth teams for various hyper-growth startups”
  • Hubpsot — Marketing news, resources, tips
  • Alex Krakov — B2B Marketing, SaaS and Startups
  • Janessa Lantz — “Building the marketing team at dbt Labs”
  • Kevan Lee — Product-led growth & SaaS leader
  • Dave Gerhardt — Former startup marketing exec, head of Exit Five
  • Eric Doty — “One-man product-led content band”
  • Barbara Galiza — Growth + Marketing Analytics freelancer
  • Tomasz Tunguz — “A data-driven blog focused on the most important questions for startups & venture capital”

Marketing Podcasts

Marketing Job Boards (in addition to LinkedIn/google/indeed/etc)

  • Exit Five — B2B Job Marketing Board
  • MKT1 — ‘The easiest way to find startup marketing roles
  • Swipe File — ‘The best marketing jobs in tech”
  • Tribaja -A talent marketplace and community for under-supported tech talent
  • Wellfounded — formerly AngelList Talent, where startups and job seekers connect

Resources for: Marketing Careers

Resources for: Hiring, Structuring, and Managing a Team

Resources for: Budgeting

Resources for: Measurement & Analytics

Resources for: Product Marketing

Resources for: Content Marketing & SEO

Resources for: PR & Communications

Resources for: Email Marketing

Resources for: Marketing Operations

Resources for: Social Media

Resources for: Brand & Design

Resources for: Event Marketing

Resources for: Search Engine Marketing

Resources for: Market Research

Resources for: Influencer Marketing

Overflow: Tough to categorize/too good to omit

I hope this list can get bigger and better over time, so feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts/feedback/additions!



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